Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the turnaround times for analysis?
Targos currently receives samples from clinical sites all around the world, except China. The typical laboratory turnaround times (TAT) from sample-in to result transfer are about 24 business hours for Her2 IHC or a similar assay. For complex mutation analysis including histology inspection and DNA preparation, it can be up to 5 business days.

Q: What are your shipment turnaround times (TAT)?
The shipment times for the samples range from overnight to some EU countries, some US and Asian cities;
2-3 days for Asia, Eastern European countries and South America and up to 4-5 days for Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, the overall TAT ranges from 2 to 10 days depending upon the type of analysis and sample origin.

Q: Which type of result/data transfers can you support?
Targos can transfer results as fax, secure E-mail or into interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Completed data bases will be transferred to the client’s clinical data-base according to the pre-defined specifications.

Q: What accreditations do you have?

As of June 2013 Targos received US CAP accreditation.
As of March 2014 Targos received CLIA accreditation.
Targos has a very active QA/QC management system in place. The company regularly participates in proficiency testing programs, such as QUIP, NordiQC, and CAP. Targos has also been inspected by the FDA several times without any findings.

Explanation of Acronyms

QuIP (Quality assurance Initiative Pathology). A German organization for quality assurance initiative of the German Society of Pathology and the Professional Association of German Pathologists for diagnostic immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology)

NordiQC: Nordic immunohistochemical Quality Control.

UK-NEQAS: United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (not mentioned above)

CAP: College of American Pathologists

CLIA: Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

Can Targos handle companion diagnostics (CDx) projects?
Targos has successfully handled several CDx projects such as the Vemurafenib & B-Raf COBAS approval in the last three years.

Can Targos provide weekend services?
Targos has offered weekend services in the past. This service is offered on a project-specific request with an additional fee for the weekend service.

Can Targos provide the quotations in local currency?
All Targos invoices are issued and paid in EURO. For information the quotes can display the local currency in parallel.