Targos Advance

Training & Consulting

Through a combination of theory, practical microscopy sessions and interactive discussion with attending delegates (e.g., pathologists and oncologists), “Targos Advance” offers course attendees the experience and in-depth understanding of the utilization of biomarkers in clinical practice.

Training and Consulting

1-3 Day International Biomarker Training Courses for Pathologists and Oncologists

Training courses include the following topics:

  • Standardization and biomarker testing related to IHC, FISH, CISH, SISH and ddISH.
  • HER2 testing (FISH, IHC, CISH, SISH, ddISH)
  • EGFR testing (IHC)
  • Focus on quality control and standardization.
  • Breast cancer pathology and correlation to clinical oncology
  • Gastric cancer pathology and correlation to clinical oncology
  • Lung cancer pathology and correlation to clinical oncology
  • Preceptorship meetings in pathology. In collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and thought leaders, Targos provides preceptorship opportunities to the continued training of new clinicians within their clinical practice. 

Examples of preceptorship training include:

  1. The development of higher quality clinical experience for preceptees in breast/gastric cancer.
  2. Distribution of timely information related to HER2 testing (e.g., IHC, ISH)

Reference testing and consultative services

We offer molecular pathology services and quality assurance to some regional reference laboratories (e.g. Lebanon, UK, Belgium, China). We also support clients’ with consultative support and laboratory services for biomarkers assays (such as Her2 FISH) (e.g. Central America, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar).

Support of Market Approval Process/Companion Diagnostic (CDx)

Since its inception in 1999, Targos has successfully supported more than 100 clinical trials and the successful approval of several targeted therapies and in vitro diagnostics /CDx for our customers (see companion diagnostic section of the web site). In addition, Targos has also introduced predictive biomarkers into the worldwide market by offering proficiency/reference testing and expert biomarker training courses.

Beta-site testing

Our experienced laboratory staff analyze tissue samples from all around the world for novel reagents and assays under GCP conditions. The data is used as supportive material for IVD or drug approval processes.

Expertise in organizing international ring studies

Before any new biomarker assay can be introduced into the routine diagnostic setting, it must be validated against the established standards. To achieve this goal for our customers, we organize international ring studies of novel biomarker assays to test robustness and to evaluate inter- and intra-laboratory concordance and variations.

Inter-laboratory Multi-Center Reproducibility (Ring) Study