Targos Development

Conducting outstanding research and delivering world-class customer service is in our “DNA”. We believe that external academic sources of knowledge, partnered with professional development expertise, can drive innovation. Based on this collaborative culture and thinking, we started Targos Development. Co-development projects for selected companion diagnostics and proprietary development projects find their home in this division.

Targos Development was founded by Prof. Reinhard Büttner (University of Koln), Prof. Dr. Roland Schüle/Dr.Eric Metzger (University of Freiburg Medical Centre) and Targos in Germany to maintain a competitive edge in the clinical biomarker field.

Currently, the main areas of interests are:

  • Development of Lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) as a biomarker for breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Development of   animal models for prostate cancer biomarker and drug development.
  • Preparation and use of tri-demethylation-capable protein complex for diagnosis and therapy of prostate cancer.
  • Development of antibodies for identifying and/or scoring prostate cancer.
  • Studying androgen receptor-dependent gene expression control.
  • Co-development of LSD1 specific inhibitors